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You Found Me 


Hi, and thanks for ... however it is you got here. I'm an Engagement Writer. Whether your subject is large dill pickles in a white oak barrel, Software as a Service, or the joys of nude snorkeling (not recommended, but ... um ... you gotta be you) — I'll make your case with electric writing. 

Journalist, feature writer, science writeressayist, corporate poet—I've got you covered. I write a column for a news and arts paper here in Santa Barbara. 


I write for a construction technology company.  I write for a nutritional supplement company. I write business and professional profiles.


I write in living color. 

There are those who believe proper b2b and b2c writing has to conform to buttoned-down boilerplate. "There are rules for business writing."

Yeah, I know. Rule # 1: don't bore.


The Information Age® has blessed us with a slagstorm of words, obscuring your Linkedin profile, corporate bio and thought leadership piece. What happened? Nothing, and that's the problem.


Your vibrant and compelling ideas are camouflaged in language that blends your vision into the landscape. Stealth is probably not your intent.

The spark-throwing heart of your subject deserves a minstrel—a writer who understands the radiance of your message the way you understand it, and can sing it with all the color you intended. 


I can see through lead, reinforced concrete, and the idle stupefaction of the guy or gal to whom you'd previously entrusted your vision. I'll write your content, I'll fall in love with writing your content ( I actually mean this), and the arranged words will court your reader. Promise. 

Contact me. If you are so inclined. (2).png
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